Difference between AFI and bAFI

AFI token (ERC20) is used in the ARIES FINANCIAL protocol. It is obtained by pooling stablecoins or tokens, afiTokens or Uniswap LP tokens. AFI Token is an ERC20 token that allows the holder to delegate voting rights to any Ethereum account including their own. No proportion is allocated for pre-sale, pre-mining, ICO or development team. (The investors quota is 22% as outlined below).

AFIB tokens (BEP20) are issued only by liquidity mining and are issued at a rate of 0.4 AFIB tokens / block. V1 AFI tokens can be exchanged for bAFI tokens by using the bridge function in Burger Swap,


and bAFI tokens (BEP20) can be swapped to AFIB tokens with PancakeSwap.

It’s bridge token from ERC20 to BEP20.




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ARIES FINANCIAL is a yield farming platform guided with Staking Pools. https://aries.financial/home