ARIES TEAM has launched Yield farming on ETH and Yield Optimizer on Binance Smart Chain. As a platform compatible with Multi-chain, we have positioned the next battlefield as the Polygon network and are preparing to launch ARIES DEX.

What is ARIES DEX?

ARIES DEX consists of “Swap” / “ZERO Impermanent Loss farm” / High Yield Liquidity Mining” / “Flash loan Prevention” / “Synthetic Asset” / “Inflation Prevention”.

Let’s take a look at the features of…

I wrote “Tip : How do you protect your assets?(1)” last time.

How to manage private keys today and what are private keys? I will explain that in an easy-to-understanding. First of all, let’s read this and make sure that it is stored properly.

What is a private key?

Must not be known except you, no one can restore…

Yesterday I wrote an article about portfolio. So how do you protect your assets if your portfolio is profitable? Let’s learn about DeFi risks today.

Today I will write about three of the most important ones.

Manage your assets yourself

In order to reduce risk with capital and aim for returns, how to organize a portfolio is important. Many people may be wondering what kind of portfolio to build when investing in cryptocurrencies.

In this article, I will introduce how to create a portfolio of cryptocurrencies by investment style. I will also explain the points to note when building a portfolio, so please refer to it.

What is portfolio?

For example, when investing, if you decide in advance that “assets will be…

High volatility of cryptocurrencies can generate great profits, but at the same time, it carries a great risk of price fluctuations. If you’re familiar with #DeFi, you’ve probably heard the term liquidity providing. Today, DeFi is developing rapidly by developers around the world, providing liquidity between stable coins and earning interest rates (which can be said to be close to interest rates). This time, let’s think about the advantages of using stable coins.

Benefits of stable coins

If you are a DeFi user, do you often hear the word Auto-Compound these days?

What is compound interest?

“Compound interest is one of the methods of calculating interest, which is a method of incorporating interest into the principal at regular intervals and calculating interest on that principal. It is a method that takes into account the return of interest reinvestment. , There are 1-month compound interest, 6-year compound interest, 1-year compound interest, etc., depending on the period during which interest is added to the principal.
For compound interest, the method by which interest is calculated only on the original principal is called simple interest…

We are so happy to add a new Farm using Biswap.
Biswap Farm is already available to deposit and earns your LP_token with an automated compounding strategy. You can also earn $AFIB tokens as an additional reward by using Biswap Farm.

🚀New Farm

🌱Farm (9 new farms)

You have provided liquidity to the ARIES FINANCIAL LP_FARM and received the incentive $AFIB.

This time, I will explain how to swap $AFIB to stable coins.

Today I will explain how to easily use Yield Farming using Zapping.

Convert your tokens to LP_Token.

Zap is a feature found in early Yearn.Finance, which is to swap single asset such as #BNB #ETH #BTCB or #CAKE to depositable assets, or to LP_Token. This feature is free to use. (You have to pay gas fee.)

With this feature, users visit Pancakeswap, Wault Finance and JetSwap, bother to calculate your assets, swap in half to provide liquidity, receive LP_Token and return to ARIES FINANCIAL for deposit. Is no longer necessary.

I will introduce it because it is a very good function.


  1. Single token such as…

DeFi operations are becoming more complex, and some users may be giving up on this opportunity because they have no idea what they are doing.

DeFi can be said to be a way to “democratize finance.”

It can be said that it is relatively easy to set up a platform compared to a centralized exchange. You could also build a community, issue tokens, prepare rewards and make big waves.

However, the current operation of DeFi often feels very complicated to be honest.

  1. Providing dual liquidity on PCS
  2. Receive LP_token on Metamask and deposit the LP_token into the platform such as…


ARIES FINANCIAL is a yield farming platform guided with Staking Pools. https://aries.financial/home

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